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As a Mars Cats Voyage holder, I wanted to introduce to the Nanoz Community owning both a Cat and a Nanoz something special: A cool derivative NFT! And of course, it’s FREE!

Nanoz ❤ MCV

If you own both a Nanoz and a Cat, you can request your Sidekick exclusive NFT on the…

Thomas Dervillez, the mind behind Monster Club, is a French 3D artist with a unique and colorful style. A perfect match with the Nanoz Universe… We met several months ago in the space and became friends, I’m glad to have him on the project and his version of a Nanoz is insane! Don’t miss out, this is an absolute gem!

Release details

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Discover the mysteries of the stacked rocks only for Nanoz Holders…

If you joined last week’s Boring Meeting you heard about CryptoCairns: The first project only available to Nanoz Holders. That’s right: No public sale!

The CryptoCairns is a collection of 100 handmade NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Produced by…

Once the first 300 Nanoz are sold, one lucky holder will be picked to win the exclusive Animated #301!

How to get it?

Once the sale milestone is reached, we will take a snapshot of the holders between #202 and #300. We will then draw a number between 102 and 200 (with a bot, live on the Nanoz Discord for complete transparency) and the owner of the selected Nanoz will receive #301 for free in his/her wallet!

Owning a Nanoz between #202 and #300 is a chance to win, 2 Nanoz=2 chances, 3 Nanoz=3 chances etc.

All Nanoz currently available on Primary Market (Sold by Nanoz Vault) are eligible for the Giveaway!

Get your Nanoz Now

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Thanks to all the members who joined the Boring Meeting on October 6th. Here is the full recap:

The presentation started with a look at some numbers…

Get your hands on 51 new NFTs including the first 1/1 unique Nanoz! From #230 to #280. Owning one of these Nanoz will also automatically qualify you for #301 giveaway which will be the third exclusive Animated Nanoz to be unveiled later on!

The first Unique 1/1 Nanoz!

Well, each Nanoz is unique as none…

The second Armored Nanoz is HERE! Introducing NNZ MARK II, slower than MARK I but with great agility…

How to get it?

MARK II is available in auction format for 24 hours, ending on September 23rd at 2pm UTC


Get your hands on 20 new Nanoz! From #209 to #228. Owning a Nanoz from #202 to #300 will automatically qualify you for #301 giveaway which will be the third exclusive Animated Nanoz to be unveiled later on!

Drop Exclusive Body design

Already 8 Achievements NFTs are available for Nanoz Holder to redeem and collectors love to chase them. It’s time to introduce 4 new ones…

  • Alien
    Let’s celebrate our friendly(?) visitors from outer space! The Alien Achievement can be claimed if you own at least 1 Nanoz with 2 alien traits or…

After a week-end of teasing the community decided to open the box! Inside were 5 Gold Robot parts… The community had 2 choices: Either assemble the robot to be one of the rarest Nanoz to ever exist OR release the parts separately to be used as upgrades on existing Nanoz.

It was decided to go with the second option. The parts are now available for auction starting at 0.015eth. You have until Tuesday, September 14th to bid on the one(s?) you are interested in. You will then be able to request the upgrade (details to come).

Official links

The Nanoz

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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