Introducing the Nanoz Collector Hub

The Nanoz
1 min readAug 3, 2023


As a child my favorite thing about collecting Pokemon cards was to admire them in a binder. That’s the feeling I wanted holders to experience with their Nanoz. I’m glad to present the Nanoz Collector Profile, a first step in our mission to provide the best collectible experience possible.

Developed by our very own Tiby, this first iteration of the profile displays all Nanoz you own from the main collections: Genesis and Universe, but also from side collections such as Artist Series etc…

The header automatically display a Nanoz from your collection as a PFP and the amount of NanozCoin you own.

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What’s next?

The Collector profile is the foundation to the long term collectible vision of the projects. It will constantly evolve adding new features for holders such as achievements based on your holdings and more…

Security first

In order to access your collector profile you simply need to input your ENS or Eth wallet address in the field. No wallet connection or transaction is needed, it’s completely safe for your asset and can be done on any device or browser.

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The Nanoz

The Nanoz Universe is a colorful, family friendly NFT collection.🌈 5,555 fun characters that will embark you in a unique and rewarding collectible journey🚀🪐