Town Hall recap — Game Boy game, NanozCoin and more!

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4 min readDec 22, 2022


Thank you to all the holders who joined the Christmas Town Hall on December 21st. Here is a full recap:

We kicked off with a few stats on the collection. They evolved since, the total of Nanoz minted is now 1332 with 175 Unique owners and only 10 listed on Opensea.

8 unique Nanoz are still hiding, waiting to be minted… Who will be the lucky collector to mint one?

Last week-end a vote on the potential reduction of the Nanoz Universe total supply was submitted to the community. A woping 87% voted in favor to keep the total supply to the initial 5,555 planed. The Total supply will remain the same. Thanks a lot to all the holders who took the time to vote.

We then took the direction of the Roadmap for an update on the Game Boy Game…

First with the artwork of the game featuring Cooper! The artwork will be claimable for free (+gas) by all holders on Christmas day as a gift!

It’s a runner game and your goal is to make the highest score by avoiding the spikes and and collecting as many NanozCoin as possible!

Game story: Cooper is a very imaginative Nanoz. Every day on the way back from school, his imagination makes him live the craziest adventures! Help him avoid the spikes and collect as many NanozCoin as possible!

A limited edition of 20 cartidges were produced and will be given away to the community through different mechanics: Rewarding top holders etc. More info very soon.

As each cartidge is equiped with an NFC chip. We had a look at the Physical — Digital link of Nanoz IRL collectibles. In this exemple we can see the 1/1 embroided Nanoz Cap, when taping the NFC chip with your smartphone your are directed to its corresponding NFT on Opensea (Phase 1).

A phase 2 of the Physical — Digital linking will involve deeper mechanics and will be retroactive to all NFC chips without any modification needed.

A little update on the Cooper Toy (statue) produced in partnership with our friends from NFT2Print. I initially wanted to release it for Christmas but had to delay it as it require more time and attention and in the past few weeks the full focus was on the Game Boy game and cartidges.

Target release: Q1 2023. As stated already it will be an highly limited collectible.

Oh… One more thing…

The Nanoz from the Gold Planet have been hard at work mining what appear to be NanozCoins…

That’s right! NanozCoins are on the way and should land in Q1 2023!

NanozCoin is not a Crypto (more details on this in a few weeks). It won’t be a 1 time claim/airdrop but expect multiple phases. All Nanoz Universe holders will be eligible and a new Burn mecanisme for Genesis holders will be introduced to boost their eligibility…

You will be able to redeem cool stuff, both physical and digital collectibles…

And that’s it! Thanks for reading and keep your eyes open as there might be giveaways coming to finish 2022 in a good way!

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