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3 min readMar 7, 2023


NanozCoin is a digital collectible coin that can be used to redeem cool physical and digital prize in the Nanoz Universe.

Each NanozCoin is an ERC-1155 NFT. It’s not a cryptocurrency (Like Bitcoin or Ether…).

NanozCoin will be distributed through 5 different claim phases. Before each claim window, a snapshot will be taken and each holder will be able to claim an amount of NanozCoin proportionate to the Nanoz Universe NFTs held.


On phase 1, each Nanoz Universe you hold will grant you 1 NanozCoin, with bonuses for Gold Nanoz and 1/1 as follow:

So if you hold 2 Nanoz from the Home planet and 1 from the Gold planet, you will be able to claim 4 NanozCoin on Phase 1.

As the Nanoz Universe collection is still minting, if you get a Nanoz before the snapshot you will be eligible. You can mint your Nanoz on https://mint.thenanoz.com

Claim phase #1

The first claim window will start next Nanoz Tuesday with a Snapshot less than a day before as per this schedule:

Snapshot: Monday 13th March — 8pm UTC

Claim period: Tuesday 14th March — Friday 14th April


You will be able to spend your NanozCoin starting on Day 1 for a various range of Digital and Physical rewards. With more items coming along the way. First wave of rewards includes:

Digital rewards

  • Artist Series Editions #3: For a limited time you will be able to burn a NanozCoin to get the new Artist Series NFT artwork to be unveiled very soon.
  • NanozBricks #1: A limited edition NFT of Fresco made of bricks including full instruction and list of bricks to build at home!
  • Golden Ticket: Looks rare. Wait and see, but it will be expansive…

Physical rewards

  • Coloring Book #1: Get your hands on a physical version of the 1st Nanoz coloring book!
  • Limited edition Poster: Only 50pcs of the Neil poster will ever exist, each one of them is numbered and signed on the back. A true collector item!
  • Game Boy game cartridge: 5 of the 25 cartridges swill be redeemable with NanozCoin.

More details will come on launch day on how to redeem your prizes. Oh! And yes, shipping will be free of course…


1 — Is NanozCoin a cryptocurrency?

No, NanozCoin is a digital collectible (ERC-1155) collector can use to claim both physical and digital stuff in the Nanoz Universe.

2 — I own a Nanoz Universe, am I eligible to receive/claim NanozCoin?

Yes, all Nanoz Universe holders are eligible to NanozCoin. You will get 1 NanozCoin per Nanoz Universe you hold during the snapshots.

3 — What is the total supply of NanozCoin?

As the Nanoz Universe collection is not minted out (yet) and the distribution will occur through 5 different claim periods the total supply will be know afterward. But redeeming prizes will decrease the circulating supply.

4 — What happens to the unclaimed NanozCoin after the claim period is over?

Unclaimed NanozCoin will be substracted to the Max Supply of NanozCoin. Make sure to claim yours before it’s to late!

5 — Can I still mint a Nanoz and be eligible?

As the Nanoz Universe collection is still minting, if you get a Nanoz before the snapshot you will be eligible. You can mint your Nanoz on https://mint.thenanoz.com

6 —How about Genesis Nanoz?

NanozCoin claim is available for Nanoz Universe holders as part of the Universe Roadmap. BUT! In the upcoming weeks a new burn window will open for Genesis Nanoz to be able to claim NanozCoin…

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The Nanoz

The Nanoz Universe is a colorful, family friendly NFT collection.🌈 5,555 fun characters that will embark you in a unique and rewarding collectible journey🚀🪐