The Nanoz

Wave 3 — Special Achievements NFTs

Already 8 Achievements NFTs are available for Nanoz Holder to redeem and collectors love to chase them. It’s time to introduce 4 new ones…

  • Alien
    Let’s celebrate our friendly(?) visitors from outer space! The Alien Achievement can be claimed if you own at least 1 Nanoz with 2 alien traits or 2 Nanoz with 1 alien trait each (Alien Body, Alien Eye, Alien Antennas).
  • Pixel Art Lover
    2 Nanoz with the Regular Pixel eye are needed in order to claimed this achievement. Yes the Animated version of the eye from #101 and #201 count.
  • Drop Special Body (Limited to 10)
    You can claim the Drop Special Body pin if you own 2 Nanoz with Drop Exclusive Body trait such as Winter Zebra, Purple Pixel, Rainbow, etc…
  • The Nanoz Logo (Limited to 10)
    There is not a lot of informations about this one… Wait and see…

As usual, to claim your achievements, simply go to the Achievements Claim channel in the Nanoz Discord :)

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The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.