The Nanoz

Wave 2 - Special Achievements NFTs

The first achievements NFTs introduced last week were a big successes! Many collectors managed to get the Bronze Tier achievement for 5 Nanoz held and 1 Silver for 10 Nanoz held!

The second wave of 4 pins is here, introducing the first Commemorative achievement and more!

  • Battle for #123
    The first reward to commemorate a community moment. Only 2 will ever exists as a celebration of the crazy bidding war that happened between Freewilly45 (winner) and Lipsterge for Nanoz #123.
  • Blind Drop
    You can claim this achievement if you participated to a Blind Drop in the past. The first Blind Drop was on Friday August 20th and 13 Discord members participated.
  • Bunny Gang
    You can claim the Bunny Gang pin if you own 1 Nanoz with both Bunny Ears and Bunny Mouth or 2 Nanoz with at least a Bunny Ears or Bunny mouth traits.
  • Punk
    The Punk pin is for holders of 2 Nanoz with the Punk Wig trait (any color).

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.