[VOTE] Nanoz Universe supply reduction

The Nanoz
2 min readDec 16, 2022


The Voting Box Nanoz is in charge of community votes in The Nanoz Universe.

When the Nanoz Universe launched on September 22nd, I knew it won’t be an easy mint. A few days before mint, Twitter locked our former account (it’s been 3 months and still no news…) and we had to create a new one, losing all our followers and previous track record.

Since the release, the mint has been slow and currently 1,128 Nanoz has been minted. For that reason, I’m asking you today to vote on supply reduction.

To reduce the supply or not to reduce the supply?

Well, it’s up to you holders! Starting now and for 72 hours, you can go to the official Nanoz Snapshot space and cast your vote on the matter. You can either chose to keep the supply at 5,555, decrease to 4,444 or to 3,333.

1 vote per Wallet holding 1 Nanoz Universe at the time of the vote starting.

What will happen to the remaining 1/1s?

If for exemple the supply is cut to 3,333 Nanoz, and 3 1/1s were supposed to be found after this number. The remaining 1/1s token numbers will be rerolled and randomly included in the remaining supply to be minted.

Vote duration: 3 days
Voting ends:
Monday Dec 19 2022, 5:00pm CET
Snapshot (block): 16,198,193


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