The Nanoz

Utility for Mars Cats holders: FREE Sidekick Special NFT!

As a Mars Cats Voyage holder, I wanted to introduce to the Nanoz Community owning both a Cat and a Nanoz something special: A cool derivative NFT! And of course, it’s FREE!

Nanoz ❤ MCV

If you own both a Nanoz and a Cat, you can request your Sidekick exclusive NFT on the #sidekicks-claim channel in the Nanoz Discord. Remember that you can get your High Res cat picture on the MCV website.

  • The Cat and the Nanoz must be on the same wallet
  • Only 1 derivative per Nanoz/Cat
  • The Sidekick NFT will be minted under the Nanoz Lab collection and a private link will be sent to you to claim it for free (you only pay gas for the transaction)


Your derivative will be ready within a week. We will use by default the Ape picture from the opensea link. If you own an up-res version reach out to us.

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