The Tezos Experience

The first 4 Tezos Open Editions (blue) and their 1/1 Full Gold Alter Egos

During high gas period on Ethereum, primary sales on many small projects plummeted (including The Nanoz). In order to keep the project moving and quench the thirst of our community we came out with two ideas: The Pop-up Store and The Tezos Experience.

The Nanoz in another chain

The concept is simple, gradually releasing 5 Nanoz as open editions only available for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours period is over, the remaining ones are being burn an a 1/1 Full Gold version of it is auctioned.

Editions sizes after burn

#5–? (Should be higher than the previous ones as each one act as a ticket to the full gold giveaway)

See the Tezos Nanoz on

#5 special drop method

#5 open edition will only be accessible to collectors owning a Tezos Nanoz from the previous drops. Drop details to be announced on Discord/Twitter.

The 1/1 Gold edition will be a special giveaway to holders of the open edition of #5 (1 owned=1chance, 2=2 chances etc.)


A special reward is in the work for owners of the full set…

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The Nanoz

The Nanoz

The Nanoz Universe is a colorful, family friendly NFT collection.🌈 5,555 fun characters that will embark you in a unique and rewarding collectible journey🚀🪐