The Store is Open!

Gas is high. It’s a nightmare for small projects like the Nanoz. When the gas cost to buy a token is more expensive than the token itself it’s very hard to keep the ball rolling…

Introducing the first Nanoz Pop-Up Store! The idea with the Pop-up store is to be able to keep creating value to your Nanoz Collection by releasing Limited Special Editions traits to upgrade a Nanoz and make it rarer. The first drop is dedicated to Caps.

How does it work?

Go to The Nanoz Discord and visit the pop-up store channel and have a look at the pinned message. The store policy is first come first serve.

You can directly pay the item in Eth and the corresponding NFT will be sent to you (They are minted on the Nanoz Lab Collection via Polygon). Gas for an Eth transfer is a fraction of the cost of buying an NFT on OS.

What’s in store?

The first batch is a made of 8 different Hats. Some are 1/1 unique, other are available in higher quantities:

Enjoy your shopping! The first pop-up store is an experiment and will be open until supply last.

Official links