The Nanoz First Christmas! Free gifts and Airdrops…

The Nanoz
2 min readDec 1, 2021


Like almost all NFT projects, this is our first Christmas and we want it to be super special for our collectors!

Free NFT for every buyer

Every buyer of a Nanoz on Primary Market between December 1st and December 24th will receive a Free Special Ornament, there are 4 to collect!

People holding the 4 ornaments on December 25th will receive something special…

1 — December 1st-December 6th: Ornament #1
2 — December 7th-December 12th: Ornament #2
3 — December 13th-December 18th: Ornament #3
4 — December 19st-December 24th: Ornament #4 (CURRENT)

(Each date is from 00:00pm UTC to 11:59pm UTC)

5 — December 25th: Special surprise for holders of the 4 ornaments!

Get a Nanoz on Primary Market

Each ornament will be minted after the window to get it ends. 1 per wallet.

Christmas Presents

Every Nanoz Holders will receive up to 4 NFT Airdropped for Free! The suprise NFTs are tiered by collector levels. Make sure you claim your collector achievement in the specific Discord Channel.

Nanoz Holders Snapshot date to be announced.

Feel free to pass by our Discord if you have any question. I strongly believe it’s the best moment to join the Nanoz Family!

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