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The Nanoz
2 min readJan 29, 2022


The Main Nanoz collection is created under the Opensea Storefront contract. Meaning that we don’t have a dedicated smart contract as we use the creator tool from Opensea.

In the lest few days, they released a unilateral update that capped every collection minted on the site to 50 tokens. Even if they went back on their decision a few hours later this show one thing: OS don’t care about Creators and Collectors, any day they can roll out an update that would block us from finishing the project.

It’s now time to have our own smart contract.

New cap on current collection

The current Nanoz collection was supposed to be capped at 1000, after consulting the most active collectors I decided to reduce this number to 500. That’s right, your Nanoz just became twice rarer! Currently 471 are minted, expect the remaining ones to be released soon. Including NNZ MARK IV, the story telling around the Chromaz chasing the eggs and we should get to the final count fast!

But this does not mean the end for the Nanoz Universe… What if it was only the beginning?

The current collection will be renamed “The Nanoz: Genesis Collection” and will be front and center of the upcoming release around the brand. The Genesis collection holds the backstory IP value.

The Genesis collection is holding a prime value as the starting point of the whole ecosystem. A grail for collectors that will grant every holders benefits.

What’s next?

First the release of the remaining 29 Nanoz in the next two weeks. Once the collection is sold out, we will gradually release the details about the future of the ecosystem. Expect something big, bold and -as usual- rewarding for collectors!

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The Nanoz

The Nanoz Universe is a colorful, family friendly NFT collection.🌈 5,555 fun characters that will embark you in a unique and rewarding collectible journey🚀🪐