Special Drop: The Primalz

The Primalz will be on sale on Friday, 6th of August at 4pm CET for 0.02eth/each.

In the beginning of times, they where 8. The Primalz. 4 Lux and 4 Tenebris, the balance between the light and the dark. They worked hand in hand to design the Nanoz universe as we know it today.

Lux — Tenebris

The balance between the light and dark, between the day and night was at the origin of the Nanoz Universe. Each of the Primalz represented one of the core element of the creation: Spirit (Spiritus), Time (Tempus), Life (Vita) and Faith (Fidem).

Discover the traits

  • Bodies: The Lux (#61-#64) are made of a White Marble body and the Tenebris (#65-#69) of Black Marble. These body traits are drop limited and won’t appear anymore. There will ever be 4 Marble body of each = 0.4% of the final Nanoz Supply. These are definitely a must have for Nanoz collectors.
  • Ornaments: Each of them also have a Special Silver (Lux) and Gold (Tenebrus) limited ornament: Spiritus — Tempus — Vita — Fidem
  • Backgrounds (8 Unique): LUX — I to IV and TENEBRIS I toIV

Giveaways for holders

By holding Primalz you automatically enter the giveaway with a chance to win one of the 2 ancient 1/1 Unitatis Artifacts NFTs.

Left: The Lux Unitatis Artifact — Right: The Tenebris Unitatis Artifact

Once the 8 Nanoz of the set are sold, 1 owner of a Lux will receive the Lux Artifact and 1 owner of a Tenebris will receive the Tenebris Artifact. These are 1/1 unique NFTs minted on the Nanoz Lab collection.

About the drop

Date: Friday, 6th of August at 4pm UTC
Price: 0.02eth
Direct link to The Primalz mints

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The Nanoz

The Nanoz

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