Roadmap milestone #3: Merch! Get your Skateboard now!

A few days ago, we reached the 3rd milestone of the Nanoz Roadmap: Merch store. While I’m still figuring out how to properly setup a store that would allow you to get some merch in crypto. I will release different items in the next few weeks/months.

Let’s start with one of the coolest one: Skate deck! If you have a Nanoz with the SK8 Deck accessory trait, you are already familiar with how cool and colorful the skateboard is!

Well it’s now your chance to own it in real life and match your Nanoz! Thanks to the feature allowing users to customize Decks on Board Pusher’s website, you can order your Nanoz Deck starting today! There is also a custom grip tape.

Get your deck and Griptape now:

It’s not a Nanoz webstore, just a design model that you can order. Boardpusher will create the board and send it over to you. We won’t earn money on the sale and we do not manage shipping.

Exclusive perk

If you get a physical deck, send us a picture and you will be able to claim for free a special “Nanoz SK8 Crew” NFT!

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