Recap: The first Boring Meeting!

Thanks to all the members who joined the Boring Meeting on October 6th. Here is the full recap:

The presentation started with a look at some numbers…

Then we talked about achievements as NFT and congratulated 808Blockchain for being the first member to reach the Gold level for owning 20 Nanoz.

The first Meme Expert achievement was also attributed to Deroht for his amazing Meme posted on Discord!

After this we talked about the gold parts, 6 were released so far and no upgrades were requested. George and Lipsterge who owns them commented that they are waiting to see the Nanoz being released in the future before deciding.

It was impossible to do this meeting without mentionning #280, the first 1/1 Nanoz (made of unique traits) that was recently won in auction by Cragglebear:

Followed by a recap of the whole clone issue that happened last week. It was obviously part of the Nanoz Storytelling…

A brief look back at Roadmap 1.0 mentioning that we are close to the 250th sale which will start the development of the Animated series.

We then jumped to a preview of Roadmap 1.5, and briefly explained the main additions to it:

With the full details coming in the next 1 or 2 weeks…

Drop announcement: Spooky drop part 1 coming on Friday October 6th

This drop will include 14 new Nanoz and introduce the new body type: Zombie. 2 Special Nanoz will also be available: The Pumpkins! Made of a special Background, body and eye/mouth. 4 in total, 2 will be released on drop 2.

With this drop, we will reach the 300th Nanoz minted. Once they are sold out, it will trigger the giveaway for #301: the third Animated Nanoz:

It was then time to unveil Cypher Labs, the structure I founded:

Cypher Labs will work on NFT project and Blockchain consulting as well as education.

As part of the creation of Cypher Labs, a new NFT collection is born: CryptoKerns. It’s a special collection limited to 100 only available for Nanoz Holders. With different level of scarcity etc…

More details in the next few days on how it will work :) We finished with a short Q&A!…

See you soon for a second edition!

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The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Nanoz

The Nanoz

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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