The Nanoz

New Nanoz Drop! #230–280

Get your hands on 51 new NFTs including the first 1/1 unique Nanoz! From #230 to #280. Owning one of these Nanoz will also automatically qualify you for #301 giveaway which will be the third exclusive Animated Nanoz to be unveiled later on!

Well, each Nanoz is unique as none of them have the same traits, but some traits can be shared between different Nanoz. In this drop comes the first 1/1 Unique Nanoz made entirely of Unique traits!

A few weeks ago, you had the possibility to vote for Sand or Rock without knowing what it was related to. Actually, you were voting for the 1st unique Nanoz! Released in a 24 hours auction format, this Nanoz is the Rarest currently available!

With every regular drop comes an exclusive body design limited to 2 Nanoz. This drop introduce the Lava Lampexclusive traits. Only 2 Nanoz will ever exist with this body.

This drop introduce 5 new traits:

  • Accessory: Rainbow Cap
  • Accessory: Dragonfly
  • Accessory: Black Bandana
  • Accessory: Paper Bag
  • Eye: Deal With It

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.