The Nanoz

New Nanoz Drop! #209–228

Get your hands on 20 new Nanoz! From #209 to #228. Owning a Nanoz from #202 to #300 will automatically qualify you for #301 giveaway which will be the third exclusive Animated Nanoz to be unveiled later on!

With every regular drop comes an exclusive body design limited to 2 Nanoz. This drop introduce the Sparkling Water exclusive traits. Only 2 Nanoz will ever exist with this body.

This drop introduce 6 new traits. Most of them are Pirate themed!

  • Accessory: Parrot
  • Accessory: Pirate Hat
  • Accessory: Pirate Hook
  • Accessory: SK8 Deck v2
  • Eye: Pirate Patch
  • Mouth: Beard

#214 is the only fully assembled pirate from the drop and also the second Double Holo to ever exist. Released as a Dutch Auction with a 1eth price that will slowly decrease to 0.05 on Monday September 20th at 2pm UTC (at the time of the drop) unless someone buys it before!

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.