The Nanoz

New Nanoz Drop! #170–200

Get your hands on 31 new Nanoz! From #170 to #200. Owning a Nanoz from #102 to #200 will automatically qualify you for #201 giveaway which will be an exclusive Animated Nanoz to be unveiled after the drop!

#189 with the new Yellow body color

This new drop is introducing a new body color: Yellow. This is a regular body color like Green, Blue, Red and Pink.

With every regular drop comes an exclusive body design limited to 2 Nanoz. This drop introduce the Rainbow exclusive traits. Only 2 Nanoz will ever exist with this body.

This new drop is introducing 6 new accessories:

  • Deer Headband
  • Hippie Sunglass
  • Hippie Necklace
  • Daisy Flower
  • Melting Ice Cream
  • Mark 1 Fan Flag

In order to give all collectors the same chance to collect this exclusive Combo Gold Nanoz, we release it in a timed auction format.

This Nanoz will be the only one with the accessory Mark 1 Fan Flag, the owner of it will be able to claim for free the commemorative battle NFT to be created once the fight between the 6 NNZ MARK (I to IV) is over. (More info on NNZ MARK I).

This Nanoz also give the owner to claim the Bunny Gang Achievement.

Bid is open until the time of the drop: September 6th at 2pm UTC. Highest bid will be accepted (Make sure to set your bid to last a few days as we might need a few hours to accept it).

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.