Nanoz Origins: Nanium the radioactive 1/1

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2 min readJan 13, 2023

As you discovered during the Nanoz Universe minting, a handful of them are coming from the Crystalis planet. A very tiny planet made of powerful crystals…

Nanium is not what you would call a typical Nanoz. Eighteen eyes is a lot of eyes, but how did this transformation happen? Before his mutation, he was living a cozy life, working at the local power plant when the infamous Meteor Shower happened and shook everything up.

It was late in the afternoon when he noticed a tiny shiny crystal falling from the sky that ended up in the container he was moving around. When the crystal came in contact with the residual radioactive liquid remaining inside the container, a thick green smoke started to form and he passed out inhaling it.

When he regained consciousness he was almost glued to the ground, his body now made of a thick dripping liquid. Something was weird with his vision too, his eye divided into eighteen smaller eyes, he was now seeing the world split in eighteen different images…

Nanium was born.

Paper Toy

You can now craft your very own Nanium thanks to “LeFrench” the current owner who gave permission to make the papertoy model public.

The PDF is ready to print! I recommend using a thicker paper than usual print paper (I used 120g paper for the exemple).

➔ Download

Make sure to post your creations on Twitter tagging @NanozUniverse account!

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