Nanoz Origins: Kaito the 1/1 Ninja

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2 min readDec 2, 2022


As you discovered during the Nanoz Universe minting, a handful of them are coming from the Crystalis planet. A very tiny planet made of powerful crystals…

Kaito wasn’t always the Greatest Ninja of the Nanoz Universe. He used to be just a regular Nanoz with a deep passion for ninja and kung-fu films. One day, while he was training outside, he noticed a tiny shiny meteor coming from the sky. It crashed right next to him. It was a very small crystal, so tiny that he thought it couldn’t be dangerous and decided to pick it up.

Suddenly, the sky turned black and the the tiny crystal in his hand started to shine brightly! SNAP! That was it, just a fraction of a second after, the sky went back to normal but his body color changed to dark grey and he was now wearing the perfect ninja outfit. Worth mentioning the beautiful Katana in his left hand replacing the crystal…

Kaito was born.

Paper Toy

You can now craft your very own Kaito thanks to “Blue_Brother_Believerers” the current owner who gave permission to make the papertoy public.

The PDF is ready to print! I recommend using a thicker paper than usual print paper (I used 120g paper for the exemple).

➔ Download

Make sure to post your creations on Twitter tagging @NanozUniverse account!

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