Nanoz Artist Series — Editions #1: m.barutcu

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3 min readSep 29, 2022


The Artist Series is back and free for all Nanoz Universe holders. Snapshot on Sunday October 2nd — 11:59pm EST

If you are an OG Nanoz holders, you should remember the Artist Series: Special 1/1s interpretations of a Nanoz by amazing talents: Hugo Dias, Mattbag3d, StreetBeasts, Die Jay Cee and Thomas Dervillez.

Well, they are back! We inaugurate the new Artists Series with the first of the “Editions” collection.

Open editions claimable for free by all Nanoz Universe holders during a limited period of time. First one is by m.barutcu (memo) a 3D artist from Germany, creator of “Crumbys Bakery”.

About the artist

Who’s better than m.barutcu himself to tell you more…

“Hello, my name is memo, 35 and I am a 3D artist from Germany. I’ve been working as a 3D artist in the field as a freelancer since 2013. When I was a child, my father taught me a lot about art, he has been an oil painting artist since the 70’s. I’ve grown up with art all my life, but I decided to pursue art in the digital realm.

At the end of 2020 I came into contact with the nfts for the first time and created my first nfts. back then i built flying ships in 3d and sold them as toy nfts. That’s how I came in contact with @Cypher so early . Toy NFTs were all the rage at the time but were later replaced by PFP NFTs. so I had to adapt too. After the start of Bored Apes I created my own 1k Collection called “Crumbys Bakery” in June 2021 it is currently a just a art project.

I’m staying up to date and have made so many contacts in the last 2 years that I would like to start a web3-based Crumby project soon. Otherwise, I am an avid nft collector, yuga enthusiast and believer and will likely remain an ape for the rest of my life. i have learned thanks to bored ape yacht club that it is hard to leave a club that you love and have been in for a long time. It is not possible when a project is so exciting that you simply want to be part of all the developments that will follow in the future. That’s the special thing that amazes me about web3. It is the community that has come to love the art and has made new contacts in this new web3 world.”

Drop details

  • Snapshot: Sunday October 2nd — 11:59pm EST
  • Drop type: Limited time free claim for holders of a Nanoz Universe
  • Date: Monday October 3rd at 11am EST/5pm CET
  • Duration: 48 hours (ends Wednesday October 5th) at 11am EST/5pm CET
  • Cost: FREE
  • Quantity: Max 1 per wallet


  • Am I eligible if I mint a Nanoz Universe now? Yes, as long as you mint it before the Snapshot. You can mint a Nanoz Universe for 0.02eth on
  • How many copies of the NFT will exist? As it is a Limited Time claim, the edition size will correspond to the amount of claims by holders. This number can’t be greater than unique holders of the Nanoz Universe collection.
  • What if I miss the deadline? Well, as it is a limited time claim, there is nothing we can do, no extra copies will be minted.
  • Will there be more 1/1s? Yes, there will be more 1/1 in the future.
  • What’s the utility of the Artist Series NFTs? Well, first it’s a piece of art. And second: who knows? In the Nanoz Universe, everything has a utility… Maybe full sets of Artist Series will be rewarded…

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