It’s time to vote!

The Nanoz
Oct 13, 2022

If you remember the Roadmap artwork, one of the very first step was the voting box. Allowing holders to vote on which island to explore. The time has come!

Starting today and until Sunday, you can head up to The Nanoz Space on and vote if you want the next Roadmap item to be released from the “Gaming & Metaverse” island or the “Lore & Crafts” island.

Integrating collectors to the decision making is at the core of the Nanoz Universe experience, a community driven collection rewarding participation.

1 Nanoz = 1 vote

For this first vote, each Nanoz represents 1 voting power. Depending on the topic, some different mechanics could be introduced such as 1 vote per unique owner or 1 vote per combination of NFTs.

Voting ends: Sunday Oct 16, 2022, 12:00pmCET
Snapshot (block): 15,738,051


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The Nanoz

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