Genesis Collection — First deflationary event

The Nanoz
2 min readOct 6, 2022


As I mentionned it a few time in the past, with the release of the Nanoz Universe collecton, my goal is to make the Genesis Collection deflationary.

That’s why I introduce today the first deflationary mecanism. Starting now and for 7 days, Genesis holder can choose to send their Nanoz through the Universe Portal. In exchange, they will be granted 1 free Nanoz Universe mint per Nanoz sent.

How does it work?

  • Open a Support ticket in Discord with the Nanoz Genesis # and Opensea link.
  • Once ownership confirmed, the art of the Genesis Nanoz will be swapped and moved to the Nanoz Labs collection.
  • 1 Free mint is granted and you can go to where you will see a box with a free mint. There is no limit to the # of Genesis to send through the portal.
  • If the Genesis Collection sells out before you mint, your Genesis Nanoz will be restored.
Nanoz #139 successfully entered the Universe Portal revealing Nanoz Universe #723

Why trading a Genesis for a Universe?

The Nanoz Universe collection size will be 5555 once all are minted as opposed to the 500 Genesis. But by rolling the dice on a Universe mint you could pull a rarer Nanoz or even a 1/1 (10 in total).

Of course this might not be appealing for someone owning 1 genesis, but for larger holders it might be worth considering rolling the dice…

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