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5 min readSep 23, 2022


After releasing the visual a couple weeks ago it’s time to take a deep dive in the Nanoz Universe Roadmap… Ready for an adventure? This article will be updated along the way including new informations as they are unveiled.

As you can see in the colorful illustration, the Roadmap is separated in 6 floating island. Some of the benefits will take the form of NFT Claims or Airdrops.

Let’s start from the beginning… Once upon a time in a Universe not that far away…

Island #1 — The adventure begins!

The first island is the start of the Nanoz adventure. Symbolized by 2 collectors wearing the limited Nanoz Universe T-shirt NFT for Decentraland to airdropped to all wallets who minted before Sunday September 25th Midnight EST.

Next to them, the voting box will allow holders to take decisions on how the Roadmap unfold via regular snapshots.

About these wooden crates under the island, it looks like they are containing something special… Let’s wait and see!

Island #2 — Lore and crafts


As you know, the Nanoz is a family friendly collection, allowing parent to enjoy the collection with their kids is a priority. For that reason we prepared a lot of activities… Starting with a Coloring Book! Have your little ones bring to life Cooper and his friends in cool scenes and environment to stimulate creativity.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a glue stick around as the Cooper Paper Toy will be fun to assemble. This is only the first step as you will also be able to get your hands on planets diorama and a generat… Well, no, let’s keep this a secret for now…


Partnering with the NFT2PRINT company, we will introduce a very limited Cooper statue aimed for a release this fall so you can have it under your Christmas Tree! This will be the first on the list of

Comic series

The Nanoz IP is deeply rooted in the storytelling of their characters. With the Nanoz Universe and the introduction of the Origin planets, there is a lot to cover! Fear none… “Cooper’s Chronicles”, a comic series will tell you everything you need to know about how Cooper ended up in the NSS (Nanoz Space Station) and discovered life on other planets…


The Genesis Merch store closed a few days ago and will re-open in the next few weeks with new design and goodies!

Island #3 — Gaming and Metaverse

A big focus of the Roadmap is on the gaming and metaverses with experiences in major Metaverses like The Sandbox (focused on gaming), Decentraland with a Nanoz Social Hub. The Nanoz also owns a Private Island in Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse.

Game Boy Game(s)
Probably the part of the roadmap I’m the most excited by… Yes, a Nanoz GameBoy Game is being finalized as we speak. It will take the form of an NFT allowing you to access the rom and also a limited series of physical Cartidges to play it on an old fashioned Game Boy!

Island #4 — Tech

A curious floating island focused on improving the collectible experience. Is it a PFP maker at the top left? Of course it is! Oh and what are these 2 Primalz Nanoz looking at? The new Achievement as NFTs machines for sure!

Island #5 — Artists Series and Special Editions

Artist series was introduced first with the Genesis collection. The concept was simple, an artist will interpret his/her vision of a Nanoz in its own Style. The art would then be minted and auctionned.

For the Nanoz Universe, the Artist Series will come back with a twist… Instead of a 1/1, each piece will be available to mint for free for a limited time to all Nanoz holders. Snapshot date will be announced in advance. If only 50 pieces are claimed, the edition will be a 50/50. Fun mechanics will also be introduced to reward holders of full sets.

Special editions are 1/1 Nanoz minted for special occasions (like NFTNYC) and can be distributed via different mechanics such as Giveaway, auctions or raffles.

Island #6 — TOP SECRET

It looks like a few Gold Nanoz are hard at work digging out shiny Nanoz Coins from the ground… From what I heard, it’s a community currency that will be integrated in the Nanoz Universe to unlock and access exclusive content…

How to get a Nanoz Universe?

You can mint a Nanoz for 0.02eth on

Presale — Live for Genesis Holders and Allow List only
Public Sale — Friday, September 23rd at Noon EST/6pm CET

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