Artist Series — Editions #4: Risa

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2 min readJul 7, 2023


The Artist Series continues with the fourth installement by the French artist Risa. Free for Nanoz Universe holders — Snapshot on Tuesday July 11th — 10am CET/4am EST.

If you own a Nanoz Universe you will be able to claim it for Free (+gas) during a 7-day mint window.

A brand new world

Risa’s vision on it’s Artist Series contribution:

Through my piece, I wanted to convey the discovery. As if a human were arriving in this new universe and seeing this unknown civilization for the first time… The Nanoz universe.

“A brand new world” by Risa

About the Artist

Who better than the artist himself to tell us more about his work:

My name is RISA, I’m 33, I live in France and I’ve been an illustrator for almost 12 years. I love everything that comes close to mysterious universes that invite people who look at my pieces to be transported into complete universes, sometimes frightening but above all filled with magic.

Risa has been working on amazing pieces in web3 space. Here are some of his work:

Drop details

  • Snapshot: Tuesday July 11th — 10am CET/4am EST.
  • Drop type: Limited time FREE claim for Nanoz Universe holders
  • Claim start: Tuesday July 11th — 4pm CET/10amEST.
  • Duration: 7 days — ends Tuesday July 18th — 4pm CET/10amEST.
  • Cost: FREE (+gas)
  • Quantity: Max 1 per wallet
  • NFT: Artist Series Editions are ERC-1155 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain


  • Am I eligible if I mint a Nanoz Universe now? Yes, as long as you mint it before the Snapshot. You can mint a Nanoz Universe for 0.02eth on
  • How many copies of the NFT will exist? As it is a Limited Time claim, the edition size will correspond to the amount of claims by holders. This number can’t be greater than unique holders of the Nanoz Universe collection.
  • What if I miss the deadline? Well, as it is a limited time claim, there is nothing we can do, no extra editions will be minted.
  • What’s the utility of the Artist Series NFTs? Well, first it’s a piece of art. And second: who knows? In the Nanoz Universe, everything has a utility… Maybe full sets of Artist Series will be rewarded…

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