Artist Series — Editions #2: Mr Vector Man

About the Artist

Who better than the artist himself to tell us more about his work:

Drop details

  • Snapshot: Thursday November 23rd — 4pm UTC/11am EST.
  • Drop type: Limited time FREE claim for Nanoz Universe holders
  • Mint date: Thursday November 23rd — 4:30pm UTC/11:30am EST.
  • Duration: 96 hours — ends Monday November 27th at 4:30pm UTC/11:30am EST
  • Cost: FREE (+gas)
  • Quantity: Max 1 per wallet
  • NFT: Artist Series Editions are ERC-1155 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain


  • Am I eligible if I mint a Nanoz Universe now? Yes, as long as you mint it before the Snapshot. You can mint a Nanoz Universe for 0.02eth on
  • How many copies of the NFT will exist? As it is a Limited Time claim, the edition size will correspond to the amount of claims by holders. This number can’t be greater than unique holders of the Nanoz Universe collection.
  • What if I miss the deadline? Well, as it is a limited time claim, there is nothing we can do, no extra copies will be minted.
  • What’s the utility of the Artist Series NFTs? Well, first it’s a piece of art. And second: who knows? In the Nanoz Universe, everything has a utility… Maybe full sets of Artist Series will be rewarded…

Official links:



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