The Nanoz

Looking back at 2021

The first Nanoz drop was in July 2021. Since then 437 Nanoz were released for a total of 95 owners (as of jan 21st). The Nanoz was the first project to provide Free Achievement NFTs to collectors to celebrate milesetones in their journey. Introducing also Upgrade mecanism in the form…

The third NNZ is here…

How to get it?

MARK II is available in a special Discord Auction for 24 hours only, ending on November 30th at 3pm UTC. To bid, simply go to the NNZ-MARK-III-AUCTION channel.


Utility: Get ready for the Brawl!

Once all 6 NNZ MARK (I to VI) are released a fight between them will take place to elect the most powerfull one. The winner will win the Unique GOLD NNZ MARK VII and all contestent the commemorative battle NFT… More info along the way…

Official links

The first 4 Tezos Open Editions (blue) and their 1/1 Full Gold Alter Egos

During high gas period on Ethereum, primary sales on many small projects plummeted (including The Nanoz). In order to keep the project moving and quench the thirst of our community we came out with two ideas: The Pop-up Store and The Tezos Experience.

The Nanoz in another chain

The concept is simple, gradually releasing 5…

Gas is high. It’s a nightmare for small projects like the Nanoz. When the gas cost to buy a token is more expensive than the token itself it’s very hard to keep the ball rolling…

Introducing the first Nanoz Pop-Up Store! The idea with the Pop-up store is to be…

The Nanoz

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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