The Nanoz

The third NNZ is here…

How to get it?

MARK II is available in a special Discord Auction for 24 hours only, ending on November 30th at 3pm UTC. To bid, simply go to the NNZ-MARK-III-AUCTION channel.


Utility: Get ready for the Brawl!

Once all 6 NNZ MARK (I to VI) are released a fight between them will take place to elect the most powerfull one. The winner will win the Unique GOLD NNZ MARK VII and all contestent the commemorative battle NFT… More info along the way…

Official links

During high gas period on Ethereum, primary sales on many small projects plummeted (including The Nanoz). In order to keep the project moving and quench the thirst of our community we came out with two ideas: The Pop-up Store and The Tezos Experience.

The Nanoz in another chain

The concept is simple, gradually releasing 5…

Gas is high. It’s a nightmare for small projects like the Nanoz. When the gas cost to buy a token is more expensive than the token itself it’s very hard to keep the ball rolling…

Introducing the first Nanoz Pop-Up Store! The idea with the Pop-up store is to be…

Thomas Dervillez, the mind behind Monster Club, is a French 3D artist with a unique and colorful style. A perfect match with the Nanoz Universe… We met several months ago in the space and became friends, I’m glad to have him on the project and his version of a Nanoz is insane! Don’t miss out, this is an absolute gem!

Release details

Official links

Once the first 300 Nanoz are sold, one lucky holder will be picked to win the exclusive Animated #301!

How to get it?

Once the sale milestone is reached, we will take a snapshot of the holders between #202 and #300. We will then draw a number between 102 and 200 (with a bot, live on the Nanoz Discord for complete transparency) and the owner of the selected Nanoz will receive #301 for free in his/her wallet!

Owning a Nanoz between #202 and #300 is a chance to win, 2 Nanoz=2 chances, 3 Nanoz=3 chances etc.

All Nanoz currently available on Primary Market (Sold by Nanoz Vault) are eligible for the Giveaway!

Get your Nanoz Now

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The Nanoz

The Nanoz is a collection of 1000 unique and colorful digital collectibles (NFTs) living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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