The Nanoz

#1 rarity Nanoz for auction!

1/1s are thematic Nanoz made from unique traits. Here is #361, the second 1/1 unique Nanoz to be auctionned at a starting price of 0.08eth.

#1 rarity

#280 next to #361 on Rarity Tools. Both Top Rarity.

All the 1/1 unique Nanoz will be #1 equal Rarity (you can see it on As they are made only of unique traits. These are the grails for Nanoz Collectors. 1/1 Nanoz will play a big part in Roadmap 2.0.

24-hour auction

The auction will take place from Monday December 20th from 7pm UTC to Tuesday December 21st at 7pm UTC on Opensea. The bids are done in WETH (Wrapped Ether).

Starting bid: 0.08eth

→ Bid Now on Opensea

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